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Everything You Should Know About On Metal NFC Tags

NFC stands for ‘Near Field Communication’ and it is a wireless, contactless solution that is critical to automation and enabling a smart world. It should help connect both digital and physical worlds with a single tap, especially when you have appropriate NFC tags, chips, and stickers set up. However, there may be some limitations, like […]

How NFC Business Cards Can Be A Better Option Than Classic Business Cards

Your business cards can help you make a better impression on people, particularly on new clients, business partners, and colleagues. You want to make sure that they look good and can help the recipient know and understand what you do at a glance. When the competition to impress prospective clients is tough, you can go […]

This is Why NFC Business Cards are a More Convenient Alternative to Regular Business Cards

NFC or near field communication is a kind of wireless communication protocol that comes with many smart devices in today’s market. The same technology is likewise dominating the business card game as more and more professionals turn to NFC business cards to take advantage of one-tap contact information-sharing with colleagues, potential clients, and business partners. […]

An Overview of NFC Chip Card and its Benefits

Red Rectangle Printed NFC Epoxy NTAG213 Chip Ø 25 mm

The intuitiveness and flexibility of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology enables just about anyone, including businesses and individuals, to implement it and allow it bring convenience to specific applications, like home automation and mobile payments. You can also get the opportunity to use this technology with an NFC chip card. The NFC card consists of […]