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NFC Guide: Everything You Need to Know About NFC Contactless Tags and Stickers

There’s a big chance that you’ve heard of NFC, but you don’t exactly know what it does. NFC or Near Field Communication is actually used almost everywhere — the food industry, public transportation, and even digital media. Do you want to learn more about NFC? Here is a brief guide on the popular wireless technology: […]

NFC Chips — How Do You Use Them Properly?

NFC chips are the perfect solution to wireless communication. The chips are embedded in a tag and communicate with other NFC-enabled devices via a small antenna. Near Field Communication technology works similarly to Bluetooth, WI-Fi, and other wireless signals. NFC chip cards send data over radio waves, communicating clearly with other devices. However, unlike Bluetooth, […]

What is The Future of NFC in the Post-Pandemic World?

NFC contactless technology is nothing new. It has been considered essential in various industries for many years now. The pandemic has also revealed just how important NFC technology is in providing safer, faster, and more secure ways for businesses to operate. Currently, businesses use NFC tags and NFC-enabled devices not only for payments but for other activities as […]

Everything You Need to Know About Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC contactless technology has been one of the hottest tech trends for the past few years. It is practically everywhere. Chances are, you have already seen NFC tags inside retail stores and restaurants but were not aware of them. Perhaps, you might have paid with your NFC-enabled credit card without realizing it. NFC contactless technology a host of […]

Clear NFC Tags Will Take Your Business to Greater Heights

During this time, when people are much more careful when going out, businesses must be more creative with their marketing strategies. NFC tags in the UK seem to provide promising ideas. They are giving hope to businesses of all kinds by offering them a contactless, secure, and safe way to engage their target consumers.   The wireless and […]

4 Creative Ways NFC Tags Can Help You Everyday

NFC tags are often heard when contactless payments are discussed. What most people don’t know is that NFC technology isn’t only utilised for mobile payments but other applications as well. You can buy NFC tags or stickers for personal everyday use. Simply program them using any mobile application. Here are some creative tips on how you can use […]