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Top Designing Tricks for Programmable NFC Tags

Most smart devices nowadays come built-in with NFC capabilities, hence the increased popularity of programmable NFC tag. What these tags do is enable radio communication between devices either by touching them together or simply bringing them in close proximity to one another. This established communication allows for contactless transactions, ranging from data exchange to mobile […]

Read How Firms and Industries Are Using NFC Business Cards for Promotions

NFC Tags NTAG 215 Stickers;

Near field communication (NFC) tags, chips, cards, and stickers have simplified the way we conduct critical tasks, and one of these is the exchange of information for promotional purposes. When embedded in a business card, the NFC card will make it easier for the recipient to view your information on their NFC-enabled mobile device. Unlike […]

NFC Antenna Extender

Today we would like to introduce an NFC antenna extender to you, which is quite helpful for E-payment, restaurant, and other applications. This self-adhesive Patch can stick to somewhere. It contains the bigger NFC antenna. With this NFC extender, the two NFC phones can be connected by tapping on the extender card instead of having […]