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How to Choose NFC Chips for Your Metal Cards

NFC metal cards provide the perfect way to make a memorable impression each time. They are customisable by laser engraving and NFC chips, which come in different configurations to suit your specific requirements. The correct NFC chip will make your metal card more functional and practical with all NFC-equipped smartphones and tablets. There are different types […]

Amazing Uses of NFC Stickers

You may already be familiar with near-field communication (NFC) as a way to facilitate secure contactless payments. However, it’s a versatile technology that can make you do other things, from simple automation tasks to engaging customers. You only need NFC stickers for every application. NFC makes it easier for two NFC-supported devices to share data within a […]

Are NFC stickers safe?

NFC contactless technology is now widely used in applications and services. Like many people, you are probably wondering how safe this mode of data transmission is. Is the information stored in NFC tags and NFC stickers secure? What are the risks of hacking? The short answer is yes, NFC contactless technology is safe. It’s also […]