What’s So Unique About NFC Business Cards?

NFC business cards in the UK are changing the corporate world in many ways. If you haven't gotten your very own NFC business card, then it's high time to try it now.

What makes NFC business cards in the UK unique and better than the conventional paper business cards?

Share information in the most impressive way

NFC technology functions as RFID or Bluetooth, allowing wireless sharing of data between devices. NFC cards are embedded with a chip that can be programmed to do tasks when come into close contact with a smartphone. What NFC business cards designers usually do is to redirect people to their personal website or profile where they can access more details about their professional background or business or quickly add themselves to their contact list in just a tap.

As opposed to manually handling paper cards, this method of sharing and engaging with people is definitely more impressive. Whether you are in the tech industry or not, NFC business card in the UK can give you an edge.

Share more important information about yourself

The main purpose of a business card is to convey contact information. The problem with conventional business cards is that they are small, thus limiting the amount of information that you can share with your potential clients. In most cases, paper cards can only fit basic details like your name, profession, and contact numbers. Squeezing in too much information on that little piece of paper may compromise its design quality and legibility. NFC business cards are also small. But unlike paper cards, you can program them to contain so much more information than a paper card can handle.


Your NFC tag business card may be the last one you will ever use. No need to reprint or redesign every time you run out of paper cards. This not only saves money but also help save the environment. This eco-friendly feature is another reason that makes --Customised Digital business cards in the UK unique and better than traditional business cards.