NFC Tags Are Not Just for Mobile Payments – 5 Ways They Can Be Used

NFC tags are widely used in contactless or mobile payments to make shopping for goods more convenient and secure. Indeed, NFC has greatly impacted the retail industry through mobile payments. Thanks to this technology, more people are going cashless. But did you now that NFC is not just for mobile payments? It is changing the lives […]

Clear NFC Tags – How Clear NFC Tags Will Take Your Business to Greater Heights

Among the most popular NFC tags in the UK is the clear NFC tag. What is it, and how exactly it is different from others? Clear NFC tags or wet inlays are available in different shapes and sizes. Their transparent and see-through appearance characterises them. They don’t have white or printed labels on the top, nor an anti-metal protection […]

NFC Tags Are Not Just for Mobile Payments – 5 Future Uses

With NFC (near field communication) becoming a more established communication technology, NFC tags are seeing even more widespread use and applications, more particularly when it comes to easy and secure payment transfers and one-tap transactions between consumers and businesses. Whether you choose Ntag213 or Ntag215 series tags (a family of chips manufactured by NXP and offering a full set of features, […]

Learn How NFC Key Fobs Are Making Life Easy

Near field communication (NFC) continues to be relevant in today’s world, especially as mobile technology thrives. Smartphones come with built-in NFC chips to enable faster mobile payments. Although the technology is popular with contactless, cashless payments, NFC has expanded into other uses and industries, including public transportation and ticketing. Products such as NFC key fobs […]

Contactless Payments: A Trending Technology to Pay Via NFC

As more consumers seek convenience and speed with payments, the more NFC contactless transactions are likely to continue trending this year. It provides businesses with an easy and cost-effective way to apply for contactless payments on their establishments, and the technology is versatile for any industry to adopt and implement. QR codes may have helped revolutionise quick […]

Everything You Should Know About On Metal NFC Tags

NFC stands for ‘Near Field Communication’ and it is a wireless, contactless solution that is critical to automation and enabling a smart world. It should help connect both digital and physical worlds with a single tap, especially when you have appropriate NFC tags, chips, and stickers set up. However, there may be some limitations, like […]

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