Benefits of NFC Contactless Cards Post-Pandemic

NFC contactless cards have seen a remarkable increase in popularity in the recent years. The pandemic is one of the major driving factors that increased its usage and availability in the market. 

But what is NFC? It is the technology behind these smart cards and it stands for ‘Near Field Communication. ’Think of it as the upgraded version of the RFID. It can be compared to Bluetooth technology as well. However, with NFC, the pairing of devices is not a requirement. NFC contactless cards automatically transfer data to an NFC-enabled device like a smartphone. They are passive, which means they don’t need the power to function. But unlike RFID that is capable of transmitting data beyond a few meters, NFC can only do so within a 4-inch range! 

NFC contactless cards are popular today because they provide a safe way to transact and interact. With these cards, people can exchange data wirelessly at a safe distance. Thus, there is a low risk of exposure to viruses and infection. 

Nevertheless, the use of NFC contactless cards in the post-pandemic world is expected to continue to increase. That’s because people have already experienced the benefits or convenience of NFC technology. Establishments will continue to use cashless payments and contactless transactions for the peace of mind of their consumers. 

There are many kinds of NFC contactless cards, the most popular being credit and debit cards. Have you ever been asked by a cashier to just tap your car in their POS terminal or card reader? If you are wondering how payment is processed that way, that’s because of the NFC chip embedded on your card. There’s need to swipe and key in your passcode to complete a payment transaction. 

Another type of NFC contactless card is a smart business card. Professionals are switching to these cards because they are more cost-effective. The card stores personal information and links. With just a tap, you can share your data or automatically redirect people to your professional profile, social media accounts, or website!