Are NFC Stickers Durable?

NFC stickers or tags are composed of small chips and antennas that can be activated using NFC-enabled devices. These chips trigger automation or perform tasks such as launching Bluetooth connectivity, setting smart alarms, and sharing Wi-Fi passwords to visitors. Of course, there are many other cool ways to integrate NFC stickers into your daily life!

NFC stickers are not only popular with private individuals or general consumers. They are also taking the retail world by storm. NFC stickers are embedded in a wide variety of goods and products. You can also find them in shops, restaurants, and other types of establishments, so if you have a business, you should definitely consider using NFC stickers as well.

If you need some creative ideas, then take a look at these examples:

Add a mobile payment option

If you have a small business and can’t afford to buy an NFC-enabled credit card reader, then just use an NFC sticker. You can program it in such a way that people will be redirected to your PayPal payment link. This way, people can have the option to pay using their mobile wallets. 

Give discount coupons

Instead of handing out paper coupons, you can just give your customers e-coupons. Just add your NFC stickers on your products or promo gifts. Make sure that the tags are programmed to direct them to a page where they can get their discount coupons.

If you are going to be using NFC stickers for promotions, then you need them to be durable. You don’t want the stickers to easily peel off after a few days. Otherwise, they won’t serve their purpose.

The good news is that NFC stickers are durable. They are even resistant to heat. In fact, some NFC chips can also resist impact and won’t get damaged even if they are exposed to water and other harsh conditions. They also maintain their visual appeal.