Amazing Uses of NFC Stickers

You may already be familiar with near-field communication (NFC) as a way to facilitate secure contactless payments. However, it’s a versatile technology that can make you do other things, from simple automation tasks to engaging customers. You only need NFC stickers for every application. NFC makes it easier for two NFC-supported devices to share data within a distance of 4 cm or less. It’s similar to Bluetooth, but it doesn’t require pairing.

The stickers come in different sizes, shapes, and memory capacities. They are rewritable and reusable, making them go a long way. The same stickers are configurable to perform new and specific tasks. Here are some suggestions on how you can use NFC stickers:

Set timers

Place an NFC sticker in your kitchen to simplify setting up your phone’s timer to keep track of your cooking times. Tap your phone on the tag, and the timer should activate immediately.

Activate sleep mode and alarms

You can set an NFC sticker to make your phone turn the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on or off. Likewise, it can simplify the activation of sleep mode or set the alarm app with just a tap. Consider placing a sticker near your bed. With NFC, you can preserve battery life while ensuring continuous sleep. You can also use the sticker with an alarm app that only turns off when you tap your phone on an NFC tag. If you’re struggling to get out of bed, place the NFC sticker away from your bed so you’re forced to stand and walk to turn off the alarm.

In your car

Program NFC stickers to activate essential functions, such as your favourite wayfinding app and music app. Some apps that can track car mileage can also work with an NFC sticker placed in your vehicle to calculate your daily miles and fuel expenses.

One-tap calls or default messages

You can program an NFC sticker to call a specific number or text a message to someone. That should allow you to save time and communicate quickly.