Amazing Uses of NFC Stickers for Your Daily Life

NFC stickers are amazing devices that can do wonders for your everyday life. Not sure where to start? Here are just some of the many surprising ways to use NFC stickers:

Share your Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi is a basic necessity nowadays. Most people need to be constantly connected to the virtual world. To save you from the hassle of giving Wi-Fi passwords to every visitor at home, why not use an NFC sticker? Program it in such a way that your Wi-Fi credentials are automatically shared. You may want to label the sticker so that they will see and recognise it right away. All they need to do is to tap the sticker to get the password or get connected. This is also what many restaurants and cafes do these days!

Set and start your timer with a tap

Pomodoro is a time management technique to help people break down work into intervals. Having an NFC sticker that is programmed to set and start your Pomodoro app or timer app in just a tap can save you time. You can also do this when you are working out.

Switch your phone to functionality apps

With so many applications on your phone, it can be easy to get confused. Sometimes you will unintentionally open the wrong application. Have you ever experienced looking for Google maps or calculator apps and accidentally opened your social media app and linger there for a long time? If you have an NFC sticker for these functionality apps, then this is less likely to happen.

Automatically load directions to home in your navigational app

Program your NFC sticker so that it automatically opens your navigational app, then place it on your car dashboard. You can even program the sticker with your home’s address as a destination.


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