All You Need to Know About NFC Stickers

Wondering how NFC stickers work? NFC stands for near-field communication, and it is widely described as an ‘upgraded version’ of RFIDs. NFC products in the market are classified into two: passive and active. NFC stickers are passive because they operate without a power supply. Also, they cannot process anything on their own. They simply transfer data.

So, what’s the magic behind NFC stickers? It’s all about NFC chips. These stickers contain microchips that can send information or commands to another NFC-enabled device. For this to happen, the two must come into contact or be at least within a 4cm radius of each other. That’s why you have to tap your phone to the sticker to activate it.

How do you write on the NFC sticker? It’s fairly simple since there are many free applications you can use. The instructions are easy to follow, too. Use your smartphone to download an encoding app, follow the steps, and then tap the sticker you want to use to complete the process!

Now that you understand how NFC stickers work, it’s time to learn how to use them. Here are some ideas:

Set and turn off your alarm

Stick a tag in your bedroom, somewhere you can easily access. Set your alarm before sleeping and turn the alarm off with a simple tap when it goes off in the morning. You can also stick a tag in your bathroom or wherever your first stop is in the morning. This will force you to get up from your bed to turn the alarm off. It’s a great way to make sure you wake up on time.

Load up the maps automatically 

Wouldn’t it be nice if your phone could automatically load up the map application once you get into your car? Just tap the NFC sticker on your dashboard to do that!

Share Wi-Fi passwords 

Are you tired of repeating your Wi-Fi passwords to your friends and visitors? An NFC sticker can save you from all that trouble. Simply encode the password in the sticker and have people tap on it to connect to your Wi-Fi.