5 Ways Clear NFC Tags Can Modify Your Marketing

Clear NFC tags are transparent NFC labels that have visible chips. They are typically called wet inlay tags and are about the slimmest of their kind, making them an excellent option for embedding. Like most other types of NFC tags in the UK, these NFC stickers find great use in all sorts of applications, including modifying and future-proofing your marketing. The technology behind NFC tags empowers actionable intelligence in the everyday audience and consumer engagements. Data gathered from NFC interactions provide businesses with deep insights into consumers’ offline behaviour, opening a direct line for marketers to deliver dynamic experiences for those who opt-in. There are many ways that NFC tags can revolutionise marketing, not the least of which include:

  • Solving usual mobile marketing challenges – NFC offers new and exciting ways to find, engage, and retain customers regardless of where they are in the customer journey. NFC tags can gather and provide actionable information while providing greater visibility into supply chains, allowing businesses to modify marketing programs appropriately, and even expand distribution networks.
  • Providing a direct channel between actual products and the online world – With digital intermediaries like e-commerce sites, search engines, social media, and online review sites, businesses must ensure that there are no gaps in their digital messaging. NFC tags will allow you to deliver your digital messaging straight from the shelf to your customer’s digital radar.
  • Tracking the sales cycle – end-to-end monitoring of the entire sales cycle is also possible with NFC tags. For instance, in retail settings, NFC can launch unique digital experiences on consumers’ smartphones, while analytics work to track consumer interactions prior, during, and even after a sale.
  • Analysing contextualised data – with NFC technology, businesses can aggregate richer data through NFC triggered experiences and contextualise these interactions for more thorough analytics and real-time response and adjustments when it comes to brand messaging.
  • Providing deeper visibility – NFC tags can likewise be rich sources of unforeseen insights from the physical selling/marketing landscape, leading to better, more engaging, and successful campaigns.

NFC technology enables unique experiences for consumers and provides marketers with a unique and better way to connect with audiences so your brand’s voice can be highlighted.